Underlying a special relationship between photography, music and design, this archive presents part of an ongoing research and personal project: the appropriation and dissemination of historic and artistic photographs in record covers. From the early photography of Julia Margaret Cameron to Alec Soth, from Straight Photography to Fine Art Photography, from Jazz to Hip Hop, I'll share a selection of vinyl records of my private collection regularly. Stay tuned.

  • Steven Brown / Berenice Abbott

    Steven Brown
    Me And You And The Licorice Stick
    Sub Rosa, 1982
    Berenice Abbott

  • VA Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up / Pieter Hugo

    VA - Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up
    Honest Jon's Records, 2008
    Pieter Hugo

  • Faton Cahen / Bernard Plossu

    Faton Cahen - Piano Rêves
    Cryonic Inc., 1986
    Bernard Plossu

  • Evols / Carlos Lobo

    Evols - Evols
    (Evols Self-Released), 2011
    Carlos Lobo

  • Swans / Robert Mapplethorpe

    Swans - The Burning World
    UNI Records, 1989
    Robert Mapplethorpe

  • The Madcaps / Martin Parr

    The Madcaps - Hot Sauce
    Howlin' Banana Records /
    Beast Records, 2016
    Martin Parr

  • Hellmenn / Sally Mann

    Hellmenn - Mourning Of The Earth
    Waterfront Records, 1992
    Sally Mann

  • Bauhaus / Emmanuel Sougez

    Bauhaus - 4AD
    4AD, 1993
    Emmanuel Sougez

  • Rodney Graham Band / Rodney Graham

    Rodney Graham Band
    Good Hand Bad Hand
    The Vinyl factory, 2016
    Rodney Graham

  • Tied Tickled Trio / Daidō Moriyama

    Tied Tickled Trio - Aelita
    Morr Music, 2007
    Daidō Moriyama

  • Buffalo Tom / Helen Levitt

    Buffalo Tom - Sodajerk
    Beggars Banquet, 1993
    Helen Levitt

  • VA God's Chosen People / Jacob Riis

    VA - God's Chosen People
    Old Glory Records, 1993
    Jacob Riis

  • Creem / Gordon Parks

    Creem - Creem
    Static Shock Records, 2013
    Gordon Parks

  • James Newton / John Pfahl

    James Newton - James Newton
    Gramavision, 1983
    John Pfahl

  • The Radio Dept / Herbert List

    The Radio Dept. ‎- David
    Every Conversation Records, 2009
    Herbert List

  • Yo La Tengo / Gregory Crewdson

    Yo La Tengo
    And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out
    Matador, 2011
    Gregory Crewdson

  • The Beautiful South / Jan Saudek

    The Beautiful South
    Welcome To The Beautiful South,
    Go! Discs, 1989
    Jan Saudek

  • Inspiral Carpets / Sandy Skoglund

    Inspiral Carpets
    Revenge Of The Goldfish
    Mute, 1992
    Sandy Skoglund