Underlying a special relationship between photography, music and design, this archive presents part of an ongoing research and personal project: the appropriation and dissemination of historic and artistic photographs in record covers. From the early photography of Julia Margaret Cameron to Alec Soth, from Straight Photography to Fine Art Photography, from Jazz to Hip Hop, I'll share a selection of vinyl records of my private collection regularly. Stay tuned.

  • Soul Asylum / Bruce Davidson

    Soul Asylum - Let Your Dim Light Shine
    Columbia, 1995
    Bruce Davidson

  • VA  Boogaloo Pow Wow / Bruce Davidson

    VA ‎- Boogaloo Pow Wow
    Dancefloor Rendez-Vous In Young Nuyorica

    Honest Jon's Records, 2006
    Bruce Davidson

  • VA The NuYorican Funk Experience / Bruce Davidson

    VA - The NuYorican Funk Experience
    Nascente, 2003
    Bruce Davidson

  • Steve Kuhn & Sheila Jordan Band ‎/ Joel Meyerowitz

    Steve Kuhn & Sheila Jordan Band ‎- Playground
    ECM Records, 1990
    Joel Meyerowitz

  • Pat Metheny Group / Joel Meyerowitz

    Pat Metheny Group - American Garage
    ECM Records, 1979
    Joel Meyerowitz

  • Miroslav Vitous / Joel Meyerowitz

    Miroslav Vitous ‎- First Meeting
    ECM Records, 1980
    Joel Meyerowitz

  • The Wonder Stuff / Dennis Stock

    The Wonder Stuff ‎- On The Ropes E.P.
    Polydor, 1993
    Dennis Stock

  • OCQ / Rene Burri

    OCQ ‎- OCQ
    Linterna Música, 1986
    René Burri

  • Magazine / Bruce Gilden

    Magic, Murder And The Weather
    Virgin, 1981
    Bruce Gilden

  • Power Tolls / Joel Sternfeld

    Power Tools ‎- Strange Meeting
    Antilles New Directions, 1987
    Joel Sternfeld

  • Lionel Marchetti & Jerome Noetinge / Romain Meffre & Yves Marchand

    Lionel Marchetti & Jérome Noetinger - Paris - Genève
    Πτώματα Κάτω Από Το Κρεββάτι, 2011
    Romain Meffre & Yves Marchand

  • Members Of Mayday / Andreas Gursky

    Members Of Mayday - Wold Club
    Low Spirit Recordings, 2006
    Andreas Gursky

  • Bill Evans & Jim Hall ‎/ Toni Frissell

    Bill Evans & Jim Hall ‎- Undercurrent
    United Artists Records, 1962
    Toni Frissell

  • World Saxophone Quartet / Roy Decarava

    World Saxophone Quartet - Dances And Ballads
    Elektra Nonesuch, 1987
    Roy Decarava

  • Cocteau Twins / Gertrude Käsebier

    Cocteau Twins - The Spangle Maker
    4AD, 1984
    Gertrude Käsebier

  • Art Ensemble Of Chicago / Tadayuki Naitoh

    Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Full Force
    ECM Records, 1980
    Tadayuki Naitoh

  • Louis Berthe / Henri Cartier-Bresson

    Louis Berthe - Barong, Drame Musical Balinais
    Disques Vogue, 1971
    Henri Cartier-Bresson

  • Lloyd Cole & The Commotions / Richard Misrach

    Lloyd Cole And The Commotions - 1984 - 1989
    Polydor, 1989
    Richard Misrach